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Dulcimer Clan Songbook

Dulcimer Clan Songbook

In August of 2022, BCHT was the recipient of a Tennessee Arts Commission Grant that provided money to expand dulcimer activities and outreach and to generate this workbook of forty songs.   This book is intended for beginners, but intermediate and advanced players will enjoy it as well. 


All songs are in DAD tuning (Key of D) and most songs can be played on just the melody string with the middle and bass strings as drones. However, a few chords have been inserted, but it is not necessary to play the chords.   


For a little challenge, there are two songs that require a Capo. They are Cluck Old Hen (Capo 1st fret for Key of E minor) and Hangman’s Reel (Capo 4th fret for Key of A).

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