William Fountain Carter

Bell Hylton Keefauver (1872-1945)

Mr. William Fountain Carter was often referred to as W.F. or Will Carter. Nowhere in East TN was there a man of like caliber.


He distinguished himself as a trader, landholder, stockman, speculator in rural and city properties, and politician. Carter’s rise from poverty in Sullivan County to great riches in Washington County is legendary. He traded in cattle, then mules and horses. By World War I, he shifted emphasis to city properties and was reputed to be the leading trader in real estate. He was one of the largest taxpayers in Washington County.


Politics was an interesting sport to Mr. Carter. He served 26 years on the county court and was a member of the Board of Education for many years. He was also a barker for many years. His keen intelligence impressed many and in addition, he was blessed with having and using common sense. W.F. had 10 children, whose descendants still live in Boones Creek.

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