JAVA Cigar Box Guitar and Amp Model #006

The Java Guitar is a 4 string slide guitar perfect for coffee drinkers.

The matte finish guitar includes a matching 2.5 watt matte amp which runs from a 9 volt battery (not included).


This set includes a 10' audio cord. This slide guitar can be tuned:

DGBD, DF#AD, DGBE, EADG, or DGDG.  The slide is also included - your choice of glass bottle, or steel finger slide.


This is a primitive model guitar with the nut and bridge made from a threaded bolt and features four sound holes. The neck is fretted with stainless frets and the body has two strap buttons. There are protective

stainless steel corners on both the guitar and amp. The amp is stabilized with 4 sturdy rubber feet.


A fun novelty instrument, this is a snappy little set that is sure to start many musical conversations.

JAVA Cigar Box Guitar and Amp #006


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