Boones Knives

BCHT sells Boone knives that are manufactured by the Boone Knife company. You may purchase Boone knives in our store


The man holding the knife in the photo below is Daniel Boone VI. The photo was featured in National Geographic Magazine.  Wade Boone Towe, who owns the current Boone Knife Company is Daniel Boone the VIII.  The story would be - that since the beginning of the Born (Boone) family of Vikings, metalsmithing and knife making has been a Boone family tradition. Daniel Boone VI (1902-1970) was a blacksmith like his fathers before him. He served in the armed forces in the early 1900's. In the 1930's, John D. Rockefeller commissioned Daniel Boone VI to produce the forged ironwork for the Williamsburg, VA restoration project. Daniel created the WWII Knife and produced 1,200 which is one of several sold by BCHT.were carried by WWII soldiers. An exact reproduction of this knife is one of several sold by BCHT.

Daniel Boone VI
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