BCHT offers blank gourds for display or crafting. BCHT members plant gourd seedlings each spring and harvest in the fall. Prices on blanks range from $1 to $20 and are priced according to the circumference. We usually have a wide variety of inventory including a canteen, bottle, dipper, bushel, giant bushel, and egg gourds, etc. Call/text Vicki Shell for viewing, 423-794-0269. If you would like to purchase crafted gourds, please check out our store

Gourd Harvest
Gourds in bins and under a tent
Gourd Seedlings
Carved Gourd Nest
Carved Gourd Nest
Blank short fat dippers
Blank Short Fat Dipper
Blank Jug Gourds
Blank Long Bottle Gourds
Blank Giant Bushel Gourds
Blank Canteen Gourds
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